Next stage of Table PC: Lenovo's 27 inch Multi User Horizon Table PC

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Every few weeks we hear announcement about new gadgets, recently Lenovo made annulment of their 27 inch multi user Horizon table pc worth $1699. Thus multi user Horizon pc put table PC onto next stage. It moreover is a gentle touch, battery-powered desktop pc, but it can also subside into tablet style, attractive a 27-inch, 1080p slate optimized for multi-user finger touch functionality.

Lenovo has varied objectives for its recent 27 inch Horizon Table PC than other pc manufacturer has. The design is pretty comparable to the Sony VAIO Tap 20. It is seem very thin. But it has 7700 Grams heavy and at 1.1 inches thick. It has got very powerful processors collection from Core i3 to i7 and storage space off at 1TB.

Next stage of table PC: Lenovo made announcement of 27 inch multi user Horizon table pc worth $1699

Horizon has compiled with quite user friendly windows 8 operating system. User can exchange between the Aura moon-dial UI, hub or games (hub of games), pictures and other application. As you can visualize, the Horizon is perfect for multi-player games, few well-known game makers have particularly made games for this device.

Lenovo has told that this pc will available early summer in the market for sale which may cost around $1699.

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as I don't think the dedicated grpahics card is meant for gaming, however I did install the Sims 3 and it ran very well on high settings, really smoothly I was very impressed, although I would be hesitant if you wanted to play more demanding games on it. Overall if you're not a gamer I couldn't recommend this laptop more its performed flawless for everything I've done so far (browsing, university work, video editing & converting, watching hi-def films.) Another positive worth noting is that the keyboard on this laptop is fantastic, really nice to use and feels great. The whole laptop I think looks very nice, its smaller than the previous 15 laptop I had and although it doesnt stand out or make you think wow when you see it, it does look like a nice smart laptop. Only negative I've noticed so far is that the mousepad isn't the greatest, it's not bad enough for me to complain about it but worth noting. Highly recommended and glad I purchased 5 stars.

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