Samsung Galaxy S3 Smart Phone :: Plus and Minus points

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The Samsung Galaxy S III is a touch screen Smartphone working on the Android operating system. The Samsung Galaxy S3 was the most well-liked selling Smartphone in third quarter of 2012, wakening on the footprints of its previous phone Samsung Galaxy S2.

Samsung has sold more than twice the amount of iPhones, which is bit shocking news for apple. The key of Samsung's success has to be the quality and features of its gadget, and one more reason is the way of marketing.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Smart Phone :: Plus and Minus points of Samsung Galaxy S3 Mobile Phone

Plus points of Samsung Galaxy S3


Superior battery life (2100mAh battery)

The battery life of smartphones is most likely their prime disadvantage. It can hardly last for seven to eight hours if you play games, browse internet or use application constantly. Samsung's assure at Mobile World Congress in last few months, hence, that every gadget it delivers will have better battery life.

Pop-up Play gives uninterrupted video playback

Samsung Galaxy S3 gives uninterrupted video playback, which is known as Pop-up Play. This feature is one of the hottest features on this device. You can do two things together, for example while you are watching video clip and wants to access internet for little while then you still able to watch this clip by pressing Pop-up Play key in the bottom area of the playback menu your movie will get smaller in size, which you can then draw across to the home screen while it carries on to play.

Wireless charging feature

Imagine if you can get rid of all charging cables of your gadgets such as Smartphone, tablets, laptops and those devices can recharge wireless. Samsung offering a docking unit, that allows the Samsung Galaxy S3 to be recharged wirelessly.

Smart Stay observes your Eyes

SmartStay is a strange, a little frightening element, but this feature makes different to competitors. if you fall asleep while using the mobile, the camera will notice that your eyes are not open and dim the display.

Quad-core processor leaves other rival behind

Samsung Galaxy S3 has got quad-core processor, which makes it one of the fastest smartphone in the market. Because of quad-core processor, it delivers smooth and HD video plus it can do multitasking jobs without any delay.

Minus points of Samsung Galaxy S3


Size of Samsung Galaxy S3

Some people prefer bigger screen for browsing internet and playing video, but others they feel this smartphone is bit bigger than others and its makes bit inconvenience to carry in pocket. Therefore some people consider size of this phone is minus point.

No progress in Camera Resolution

Samsung has not made any progress in Camera Resolution then its previous model Galaxy S2, Both has got 8MP Camera Resolution. Sony has chosen to aim and lift the bar somewhat upper with a 13.1MP offering. It can automatically fly among 36 scene presets to make sure you obtain the finest possible picture, as well as HDR for when the outside light is much brighter than the internal you are trying to capture. Video is of the full 1080 variety; placing it on top of a par with the Galaxy S3.


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