Sony Xperia Z Smartphone :: Plus and Minus points of Xperia Z

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Sony has joined in the race one of the best smart phone with xperia series. Recently sony has introduce new smart phone called Xperia Z, which has already made big wow factor in the market. The divine cutting-edge technology is secluded by body cover which will stay alive a dip up to 1 metre in water for almost half hour. Plus it is dust resistant as well.

A display so impressive you can get lost in it, pictures are so authentic you experience like you are there, plus camera that allow you take stunning picture whenever you like.

Sony Xperia Z Smartphone :: Plus and Minus points of Xperia Z

Plus points of Sony Xperia Z


HDR video camera with 13 megapixel camera

Xperia Z has have the world’s foremost picture sensor with HDR video for smartphones, therefore you can capture stunning stills picture and movies even alongside tough light. It has have the best 13 megapixel speedy capture camera.

Water and Dustproof

Xperia Z can stay working below one meter deep water for almost 30 minutes and it’s look good as new when it comes out. It’s also dustproof as well.

Durable and strong glass

Xperia Z has built from the durable tempered glass on front side and back side, which is a lot stronger than conventional glass. Plus it has have anti-shatter film on the front side and back side.

Quad-core processor

Sony has used the Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor in Xperia Z, which gives incredibly fast performance, supreme graphics and efficient battery use. It gives you power to run multiple apps without any interruption.

Superior battery life

Sony Xperia Z with Battery STAMINA Mode that mean it has have extra intelligent battery supervision and can simply perk up its standby time by at list four times.

Minus points of Sony Xperia Z


Variation in colors and contrast

When you weigh against Sony Xperia Z to Samsung Galaxy S3 and its HD SuperAMOLED+ screen, the difference of colours and contrast is noticeable, particularly if we look at the display from certain position.


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