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In recent times energy costs are going up by 4% to 10% and they are frankly affecting other commodities and service. Because of rising fuel value directly affects transportation cost and then it’s adding up to other goods and services. Hence it is very essential to undertake an energy usage and prices.

Our aim are not only reducing your energy consumption but also maintaining your comfort in your home during both seasons.

  1. Cavity wall insulation: Cavity wall insulation can save you significant amount of your heating cost during winter time. Because cavity wall insulation can stop to escape heat from your house through the wall.

  2. Loft insulation: Lost insulation can save big amount of your heating cost as same way as cavity wall insulation. Loft insulation can stop to escape heat from ceiling of your house.

  3. Put thick under layer under your carpet, which can stop entering cold air from ground.

  4. Double glaze or triple glaze doors and windows can save huge saving of heating cost then single glaze.

  5. Close breaks and holes around windows, doors and siding with caulk and weather stripping. This stops loss of heated or cooled air and gets better the comfort of your home.

  6. Use maximum sunlight for lights, sky lights and big windows can sage big amount of your electricity cost.

  7. Green energy: Solar Panel not only can reduce you electricity bill considerably but also some time it can earn some good money, while it feeding excess energy to national grid mostly during summer time. Solar heating panel can reduce your heating sot.

  8. Switch off all lights and appliances, which are sometime unnecessary on.     

  9. If it can possible then buy only energy efficient light bulbs, appliances and other electrical equipments, which will eventually save you money in long run.

  10. Compare your energy price on energy comparison websites, some time you can find cheaper deal, some time prise fix can save your money.

  11. When you do washing your clothes then put full load in washing machine at time instead of few small loads.  This can save your heating, electricity and water too.   

  12. Install energy efficient boiler and radiators for heating system.

  13. 1. Regulate your thermostat when you are sleeping or away from home. You can save so far as 10% per annul on heating and cooling by only adjusting your thermostat.

  14. At all times wash a full load in your dishwasher and air-dry your dishes on the “energy saver” set.

  15. Leave all doors and windows closed to stop heat loss.

  16. Earn discount on your energy bill by setting up monthly direct payment. For more information please speak with your energy supplier.

  17. Dual fuel discount : Some energy companies are offering further discount on dual fuel. If you but both fuel (Gas & Electricity) for one company then they offer dual fuel discount. Please contact your energy supplier.

  18. Some energy company give you an additional discount, when you sign up paper less online billing system. Please contact your energy supplier for more info.

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