How do you choose your best Bank Accounts?

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Many of us don’t know that what qualities we have to look in bank account before signing one. Banks are like other business and they need more customers to sustain in this cut-throat market. Hence they have to offer better services and option to attract more customers such as me and you.

As customer, we have to find best bank accounts, which can offer better services and fulfil our needs. Therefore we have to look these top 5 qualities in our savings or current bank account.

1. High Interest Rate

Therefore do your little bit research on comparison website and it is also advisable to make an appointment with financial adviser in your bank to discuss highest recording bank account.

Some banks are charging enormous amount of money as interest and other charges for overdraft facilities. Sometime banks are charging even more, while your bank account goes in debit and you don’t have preauthorised overdraft facility in your account.

Hence, it is highly sensible to having overdraft facility in the bank account; even you are not going to use it. Currently Interest free overdraft facilities are available in few banks for certain amount of period. Visit your local banks personally or go online and so some search for interest free overdraft facility.

These days in highly competitive market, few banks are offering some attractive cash offer to the customers to Switch over their bank account with them. Consequently customers gain some cash by switching their account with them.

Few banks are offering cash back on your bill payment such as payment of your utility bills, council tax, mortgage or if you have done some sopping in authorised shopping centre by using their credit or debit card. The percentage of cash back is pretty small but every little help to save some money in your pocket.

Mobile and internet banking is very useful tools for both bank and as well as customer too. It can save huge amount of time for customer and it can also give facility to maintain our finance with our few fingertips at 24/7. This facility can reduce massive work load and expenses of bank. Mobile and internet banking facility is also in favourable tools for the nature, which is reducing tons of papers. It is pretty safe as long as your computer has proper antivirus software and you don’t share your secure pin number and password with others.

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