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Online shopping not only saves you huge amount of time and effort but also it gives you wide range of choice. There are, on the other hand some likely dangers connected with online purchasing and you have to be aware with what you are purchasing, from which website, and how you pay for your shopping.

What kind of risk may occur while doing online shopping?

  1. High risk of fraud can occur, while making payment over unsecured web pages.
  2. Fake online supplies and shops, counterfeit websites and spam email offers for products and services that never exist.
  3. Purchasing forged products deliberately or not deliberately and finally discover that they are of poorer quality.  
  4. Some time delivered products or services which do not go with the promoter’s report.
  5. Forged online review and rating.
  6. Hidden cost until final checkout.
  7. Paying for Product that never turns up.
  8. Abuse or stealing of credit card, debit card or banking information.
  1. High risk of fraud can occur, while making payment over unsecured web pages.Whenever you are making available your personal or monetary information on a website, you must make sure that your information won't be seep out as they pass through between your PC and the website that you are dealing with. Your web browser takes care of this using a high level of protection known as a SSL1. This uses a safety confirmation given by the website to encrypt every bit of the data that goes to and fro as you are connected. There are quite a few ways that your browser will point out that this is functioning.

  2. Always check padlock in address bar, mostly padlock found in address bar before https//www. In some browser you can find in your right hand side bottom of the browser. If you click on that padlock then message will appear such like "Identity Verified".

  3. Make sure the URL must start with https:// rather than just http://

  4. Whenever possible use responsible, reputable and well-known website for online shopping such as Amazon. Always make sure about sellers establish a physical address and telephone contact details.

  5. On every occasion of making online payment for your purchase then choose to pay by PayPal or Google pay. Because they won’t share your financial information with supplier plus if you don’t get your goods in that situation they can hold or recall that payment sometime.

  6. Whether purposely or not, the threat of receiving fake, broken or stolen products exist when buying online. This is unfavourable to the end user in several ways, the most visible of which is being landed with inadequate goods. On the other hand, it is also likely for the buyer to put their own health at danger by acquiring a thing which is cleanly. Thus never buy those goods online, unless you are 100% sure about quality and legitimacy of those products.

  7. On occasionally a business can take a lengthy time to react to an order placed online and to send that goods, what has been ordered. To keep away from the hassle of delays or annoy with a trader, we would advise that you make use of your pc skill and search on Google to see if everyone else has had same trouble with the seller prior to you go forward and place order.

  8. You made payment for products or services, which never reach your destination. This can occur pretty often, but luckily as clients we have substantial safety from this when buying from trustworthy merchants. Web sites such as Amazon or eBay propose habits to reimburse clients who could be cheated by counterfeit third party suppliers. Once more we advised you watchfully confirm buyer feedbacks and ranking before placing order.

  9. Check twice, all information of your purchase before confirming payment to avoid any hidden cost, which you may not aware about it. Make sure all VAT, all taxes, duty, postage and packaging cost are included in your final total.

  10. Never respond to unsolicited emails from companies you don’t recognise, it could be spam. Never download or open any attachment, which you have received from unknown person. There is great danger of malware or virus, which can damage your computer.

  11. Keep all you bills and receipts safe, in case you need to return these goods back to the seller or it is require for guaranty purpose as well.

  12. Check sellers’ privacy policy, returns policy and terms and condition. Do not tick in to tick box until you don’t read those policies carefully. Do not avoid even if those are in small print.

  13. Keep your computer up-to-date with antivirus software, latest browser for safe and peaceful shopping.

  14. Finally choose strong password (minimum 8 character length Including capital and smaller letters and Numbers) for your email and online shopping. Never share your password with anyone else and make sure, you always logout from the website before you leave your desk.

I hope this guideline will help you to deal with your online peaceful shopping. So enjoy.

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