Why young driver mostly unsuccessful to have a low-cost car insurance policy?

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According to Wikipedia in 2011, average 89 people were killed and thousands of people were poorly injured every day only in US and proportion of young driver’s death is pretty high. Therefore an average each car crash cost thousands of dollars to the insurance company and then end of day customer will suffer by paying off quite high insurance.

Young driver are more likely to be caught up in speedy driving accidents, accidents in the dark night, car crash when overtaking and when negotiating bends. They are also more likely than skilled drivers to be at mistake for accidents.

Top Tips for young drivers to reduce car insurance.

  • Make sure you are constantly reduce your risk by having pass plus driving course and some extra devices on your vehicle such as proper airbags, alarm or immobiliser.

  • Small car can significantly reduce insurance policy for young driver.

  • Speeding is one of the main reasons to get points on your license and penalty too, which can make big impact on your car insurance policy.

  • Car stealing and accidental dent put in a weight to insurance cost. If it is possible for you to park your car in a garage or private driveway may reduce your insurance between 2 to 6%.

  • Set your minimum driving mileage in your policy. Less you drive your insurance policy will cost you less. Most of people put their high miles compare to their actual usage, which is costing you more in your policy.

  • Get insurance policy on your name and build up and protect your no claim bonus, which will help you to reduce your insurance policy in your long future.

  • Young driver under 25 years, insurance price can be very high. If it can possible for you to add family member as second driver, who is going to use same vehicle some time may reduce your insurance cost.

  • Keep up-to-date your insurance company about changes in your circumstances, such as change of address, job title, any modification in your car otherwise it could impact on your policy.

  • Put reasonable volunteer access in your policy, which will bring your insurance cost down. If you decided to put lower volunteer access than your insurance cost will go up and if you put volunteer cost very high than your insurance cost may go bit down. But you will lose big money at the time of an accident.     

  • If you have more than one car in your same address then you can ask for multicar insurance discount.  Some insurance companies are offering special discount for multi car insurance.

  • If it possible for you to pay your insurance policy annually instead of monthly, which can reduce your cost.

  • Be alert about fake insurance company. Some time you may get cheaper quote. But before buying that policy, make sure that you are familiar with their work.

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