How technology helps us to reduce weight and makes us healthy?

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Health and fitness is one of the main concerns for everyone. It is very hard to avoid greasy and fast food in our fast life. In addition our lifestyle has been changed; for example cars and motorbike took places of bicycles and walking in our life. We believe that technology made our life much easier but the way we have adopted these facilities, we spend more time on video games then outdoor games. Therefore our physical fitness is going weaker and weaker day-by-day.

Thus I have decided to find out how we can utilise same technology that can encourage us to build-up our physical fitness and reduce weight.

How technology helps me to reduce weight and makes me healthy

How technology can motivate us for healthy life?


1. Food is one of the key factors of gaining weight in our life. It is not too difficult to find right food information which can suite your test and makes your life much healthier. There are hundreds websites available who can guide you step by step to make fatless or diet food such as Eating well, Foodnetwork and indian Diet Recipes.

2. There is no reason to do indoor exercise while nice weather and fresh air are waiting for you at outside. There are numbers of smart phone apps available who can help you in outdoor sports and exercise. (A) iMapMyRun : operates the iPhone's GPS technology for real-time distance, time, pace, and speed tracking. It even put together with Twitter. (B) iSPINNING: Mountain and road biking extremes pay attention, iSPINNING is prevailing app that allows you plan workouts to see and track heart tempo, time in objective zones, calories burned, cadence, speed, distance, and power. (C) Pret-a-Yoga Lite : is the ideal app for yoga beginners who might be in danger of extinction by the gym surroundings, or advanced yogis looking to take their routine on the go.

3. During winter or monsoon season you can do indoor exercise and technology still helps you to do that. There are so many excises equipments available in the market such as motion controller’s video games. (A) Wii Fit : considerate your on a daily basis exercise burning calories Playing Wii Fitcan be done at any time you chose. This makes it beneficial for busy persons who find it hard to schedule functioning out into their demanding day. (B) PlayStation 3 : Loads of video game producers have innovative fitness games that do job with the motion controllers, such as the Fit in Six game for the PlayStation 3. (C) XBox 360 Kinect : YourShape Fitness Evolved for xbox 360 Kinect.

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