How to search pictures of your selected colour in Google Images

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Sometime we want particular picture in selected colour, it could be for our work purpose or just we like some selected colour than others, and naturally we prefer all objects in that colour.

Google images offer such excellent tools to search picture with our test of colour. For example if we want to search beaches, whose colour is blue. In other words we want to filter picture by colour in Google images. Therefore we have to exclude all other colour’s beaches except blue one.

If we do not use this tool then it may take huge time to find appropriate picture with our test of colour. Thus we will go through step by step to search blue beaches in google images. So just type search query in to google images, in above example “Beach” and click on search. Now you can see all different colours of beaches, the second step to select search tool (Underneath of google images search bar). Then new tools will oven below search tools, such as any time, all results, any size, any color and more. Here click on any color and select colour of your choice and your desire pictures will appear. Hence now we know how colour filter works in google images.

This tool also works in google’s mobile web as same way.

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