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Do you know over 2 00,000 videos upload every single day and 200,000,000 video being watched per day on YouTube. But majority of them fail to attract viewers, only small numbers of videos attract and hold an audience till end.

The reason of failing to hold an audience that, we have never thought of end user’s interest. Most of us just upload our clips on YouTube and then leave it by itself. Only few developers are doing research about their current video and they take step according to end user’s interest. Therefore they are getting millions of visit and revisit on their channel.


Learn about the viewer’s interest in your YouTube channel

It is absolutely not too difficult to monitor and maintain an interest of your audience. YouTube also wants you to supply quality material to your visitors. Thus they have developed tools it called “Analytics” which you can find this tools underneath of your YouTube channel. Select analytics and then select your video from content search. Then further you can filter as geographical data and terms of period. Now you can select “Audience retention” from views reports.

At this moment you can study about your end user interest of your video clip. You can see that your audience which part of the world they are coming from on your channel. You can see the timeline of your video clip and you can compare your visitor with that timeline. In above picture you can clearly see that the start of this clip there are very high percentages of visitors are watching and then gradually they are leaving. Only 67% of visitors are watching this clip till end. Hence if we can rectify the clip according to mode of our audience then our clip may get more visits then now.

I hope you have enjoyed this small article and i wish it may beneficial to you in your YouTube creation.

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